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BOOK Recommendations

My List of Book Recommendations will soon be live here....


6 Reasons Why You Want To Slow Down Now And Not Later

The smart, fast, and focused way to a brighter, longer and more joyful life


How To Stand Up To The Voices Shaming You For Changing Your Outlook On Work

You changed your perspective on work and life and now face the challenge to pull it through


How To Create An In-Person Event That Makes People Come Back, Feel Fulfilled, And Spread The Word

What it takes to create a meaningful and transformative event


You Are Wasting Your Time When You Speed Read

If you want to be smarter and equipped for the future skip the skimming

We Have Turned Into Robots Who Need To Be Told How To Breathe, Walk And Sleep

Wake up and get your life back in a fast moving 21st century

You Complain About The Very Things You Have In Your Hands To Improve

Kill 3 birds with one stone and change your life


If You Are Stuck At Work Or In Life Look No Further Than Yourself To Untangle The Situation

Here are 4 exercises to find the exit when running in circles

How To Show Up As Yourself When An Overload Of Voices Tell You Who You Are

You can transform your life from the inside out


Don’t Find Yourself — Find Yourself Friends

5 Reasons why friendships are priceless and 5 tips on how to make friends


Make Distractions Your Best Friends And They Don’t Kill Your Time And Energy Anymore

Shedding a positive light on distractions

Kindness Is Expensive Because It Costs You Time

Put up with the cost and see how you gain the biggest strength in business and in life

If You Don’t Want To Be Like 90 Percent Of The Others Out There But Live Better

Then start breathing correctly and you can turn your life around


If You Want To Transform Your Life Don’t Invest In Mindfulness But In This

You can achieve a mindful life by simply paying more attention

Here Is Your Resource Attention. Don’t Spend It All In The Wrong Place.

Understanding the value of attention, 3 obstacles, and 3 fixes


I Am Tired Of Feeling Manipulated And Influenced By People And Media

Here are 3 strategies I use now that help me rise above manipulation


How To Avoid Your Biggest Regrets When You Hit 90

Your best experiences will be what you have paid attention to in your life


5 Ways To Respond To Disrespectful And Unappreciative Work Situations

Instead of getting worked up about the often stressed-out behavior in business relationships, do this


Here Is How You Can Save Your Butt, Your Buddy and Your Brain

Sharpen your Situational Awareness skills like a pencil


8 Reinhold Messner Quotes That Inspired The Way I Walk Through Work And Life…

The mountaineer who climbed the world’s 14 highest mountain peaks (above 8,000 meters) knows a thing or two about success, focus and…


Find the Place You Love. Then Move There.

This is how you do it.


How To Transform Your Annoying Meetings To Short And Sweet Quickies.

Meeting culture can be vastly improved with one ingredient.


You Have 7 Months Left To Become The Coolest Person Of 2022

How to be and how to not be cool


We Need To Talk About What It Means To Build Real Friendships versus Digital Connections

No friends or online communities are not an option


What You Gain When You Stop Optimizing Your Life

How efficiency-apps and micro-scheduling affect your attention to what’s important?


How To Become Slightly Happier

Bypassing some unhappiness traps isn’t a magic


How a Subtle Shift of Perspective Can Change Your Reality

Your Response And Thoughts Are Your Choice


Lower Your Stress Today By Not Saying YES All The Time

Saying No makes you feel better and proud


For Efficiency And Simplicity In Your Life, You Want To Turn Low Tech

Why technology needs to get dumber again


How Spending Time In Prison Can Give You An Escape From Your Stressful Life

Exciting retreat locations that keep you from burnout


If You Want to Live Long Without Stress, You Need to Focus On Being Busy

How centennials are busy without being stressed


3 Simple and 1 Fun Tool for Quickly Relieving Stress in Your Frantic Life

Unless you like to keep stress as your status maker


I Don’t Believe in Morning Routines, but I Believe In Positive Beliefs.

Kick the negative beliefs out of your head. They just hurt.


Introverts Are The Powerful Changemakers Of Tomorrow

Instead of underestimating them, learn from them


6 Lessons from walking the streets of chaotic Naples about our uncertain yet so pre-programmed work…

You don’t need to go to Naples, Italy, to rebel against the complex algorithms encroaching on our lives


What your time-management guru forgot to tell you

And How Tony Robbins tackles this time-stealing issue


If CEOs believe in empathy, kindness, and mindfulness they kill less people from overwork and the…

Many companies see business as a ‘transactional operation’ instead of a ‘people operation’ with human relationships.


Why Your Ability To Pay Attention Affects Your Bank Account

Your attention is an asset you don’t want to waste


Who I Am Will Become A More Urgent Question Than Ever Before

A set of relevant life skills can be your resilience-foundation for life and work


7 Reasons How Self-Awareness Is Helping You Moving Forward In Life.

Why you can be more successful and less stressed when you pay attention to yourself.


Reject the Mainstream Of Busyness And You Have A Happier Life

How you can refuse the trap of the attention economy


We Know The Usual Blah Why Listening Is So Valuable

Here are 8 other reasons why you should look at your listening skills as a great tool for better living and working


How To Slow Down And Create More

What you win when you dare to slow down while others keep hurrying


Four Ways to Adjust your Workstyle to Your Lifestyle

Work is part of your life and not vice versa. Let your lifestyle be the guidance.


How You Can Craft With Passion, Lead With Kindness, and Build With Vision.

Lessons I learned from a visionary wine maker.


It Can Be so Easy to Incorporate Movement into Your Day

There are many ways to keep your body healthy at home and at work without killing yourself at the gym


The Value of Connections for a Successful and Happy Life

Why you should think of your relationships as a better investment than your paycheck


Would You Like Finding Inspiration in Your Daily Work and Life?

Why inspiration matters and how your lifestyle influences your inspiration


Let’s Not Fool Ourselves. People Prefer to Be Dissatisfied.

People tend to make life difficult for themselves. How can we stop that?


When the Future Arrives. A Letter to My Nieces and Nephews For 2022

You are living in a different world than the one I grew up in. I feel like living in a transitional world.


5 Signs You Use Your Lunch Break to Your Disadvantage

A friend just told me that he starts Monday morning with Zoom calls, back to back until the evening, Monday through Friday. It feels like…


When choosing to pay attention you pay with something valuable

Paying attention is an effort.


How attention determines the quality of your life

Paying attention is not about being open, considerate and mindful to everything and everybody around you. It’s about being aware of those…


Do you notice your inner compass to live and work by?

Our world is moving fast, and we often get pushed through it with little time for reflecting,


Enough. Give your Work and Life the Attention they Deserve

Can we make life less about work and rather make work part of our lifestyle?


How to create, nurture, and appreciate connection and collaboration at work

I feel privileged to be part of an online global community of professionals and entrepreneurs, that provides support, shares achievements…


How to not sacrifice parts of your life to successfully maintain your work life

If you want to be successful professionally and make a lot of money, then first you have to work hard, secondly be a bad ass and thirdly…


Do You Believe In Saying Thank You?

Saying Thank You isn’t always helpful. Here is why.


People are not human capital, but human beings.

Attention as a success factor — Why organizations should keep an eye on their employees


Who determines your WORK LIFE in old age? You or the others?

Recently I spoke to an owner of a medium-sized company about working when getting in “retirement”-age and quitting … or not.


Have some 20 Something at home ready to conquer the working world?

What do you tell them?


6 am. What’s the first thing on your mind: work or life?

“A master in the art of living draws no sharp distinction between his work and his play; his labor and his leisure; his mind and his body…


How do we want to combine work and life in the future?

Do you pay attention to all your different areas in life?


What does a photo workshop teach us about achieving a successful and satisfying work-life?

A week in Venice. Not for fun, but for work. But work was fun. Isn’t that how it should be?


How can you tell whether giving attention is a calculated or an honest behavior?

The short answer is: when a manager or leader takes his time for a team member and is curious.


Remove, to bring forth more

„I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free“, said Michelangelo.


Unsuccessful companies treat their people with little empathy. Here’s what successful ones do!

“If a person wants to be successful, he should have a high EQ, Emotional Quotient. If he doesn’t want to lose quickly, he should have a…


How can we create more beautiful business cultures?

Conscious business, beautiful results


There is a resource I call Paying Attention. Do we have enough of it?

Do we pay enough attention to ourselves? Do we pay enough attention to others and the world around us? Is there a limit to our capacity to…


And the word of the year is …..

Lockdown. The word of the year from the Collins Dictionary.


How to dig into your goldmine that is called Paying Attention

I discovered a powerful capacity that is called paying attention. I can build a better live and business when I tap into it.


Paying Attention while listening pays off

We all listen to some degree, but we need to listen with attention. That requires time + the willingness to step into an uncomfortable…

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