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You Can Keep Racing Through Life With The Rest Of The Sheep Out There

Or you can slow down to be ahead of the pack

Dare To Slow Down And You Create More

You slow down - you create more.

In this world slowness and patience have negative associations.

If you take your time you should be ashamed of it and speed up.

If you are forced to slowness by external circumstances, you feel cheated of your time. You perceive time as wasted and not used efficiently.

But there are more and more people, companies, and researchers who recognize that "slowing down" is a promising strategy, especially in times of acceleration.

Dare to go against the stream

In times of permanent acceleration and the demand that everything should go faster, further and higher, we are constantly in a hurry and under pressure. This leads to mistakes and short-term thinking.

And then we waste time again cleaning up the mistakes. In the rush it is easy to lose sight of the essentials and the ability to focus.

Guess what? Whoever dares to go against the stream and has the guts to slow down ends up being a better listener, observer and thinker.

"Slowing down can spark richer thinking, creating, collaborating, innovating and problem solving," according to Carl Honoré, author and voice of the Slow Movement.

Multitasking is for slackers

When multitasking, nothing goes faster, in fact, it goes slower. The brain processes multiple tasks serially, jumping back and forth between tasks - and that reduces the speed of thinking and solving or finishing tasks.

Conscious control of a situation requires full attention. When we start moving too fast, we often don't see what we need to see.

When we slow down, we notice details and potential consequences. We are then better equipped to ask more thoughtful questions and follow up, leading to better solutions. We learn to drop less important things and put more focus and attention on the things that move us forward.

Digging deeper while walking

In many areas of life pacing yourself will reward you with positive effects. Even in the business world and the health sector the message has arrived that stress resistance, creativity, health, and empathy are the benefits of a slower pace.

"In times of information overload and accelerated development of new technologies, four skills in particular become critical to success: keeping calm, setting focus, cultivating creativity, fostering emotional intelligence." - writes the Future Institute in Frankfurt, Germany ( ).

Barack Obama, Richard Branson or Steve Jobs are not the only ones known for having important and productive meetings while walking outside in nature. Taking the time to walk and dive deeper into conversations can lead to new ideas and satisfying results.

According to research conducted by Stanford University, a person's creative output increases by 60 percent when the person walks.

When you dare to slow down…

“Some start fast, fade, and cannot handle the volume; others start slow and build, embracing the amount of work.” – Coach George Raveling

Slow down and you create more.

Your creations won’t be any better just because you got it done quicker.

We need to live a more contemplative life. A contemplative life is not a life of inaction though. It’s a life of being mindful of the right actions to take.

“In an age of acceleration, nothing can be more exhilarating than going slow.

In an age of distraction, nothing is so luxurious as paying attention.

And in an age of constant movement, nothing is so urgent as being still.” - Pico Iyer


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