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We were told stress is sexy.  It's not. 
Give yourself permission to stress less.
And live your life on your terms.

Here is the thing: we accept a loud, hustle-driven, and overwhelming world.


SLOWING DOWN, thoughtfulness and awareness are misunderstood and underrated.


We’ve been told that only an everything-now culture and a keep-running-and-don’t-think attitude will bring us future and fortune.

To change your lifestyle, you have to find perspective and be aware of your most vital human resource and use it: your CONSCIOUSNESS and ability to give ATTENTION.


This is how you can stand up against a hurried world that doesn't stop rushing you.

I am here to encourage and help you to stress less and live more.


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I feel privileged to be part of an online global community of professionals and entrepreneurs, that provides support, shares achievements, and exchanges ideas around our businesses.


From one of our many discussions emerged our biggest collaboration so far:

Our book Enough. Unlock a life of abundance starting right where you are, a collection of stories, lessons, and achievements to inspire, encourage and open up your mind to the abundance of possibilities how you can transform your work and life.


The book promises thought-provoking advice, guidance, and inspiration derived from the diverse experiences and lessons of the global members for those of you, who aspire to live a fulfilled and wholehearted life with enough money, discretionary time, and integrity.

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Hi, I’m Claudia Brose.


If you also feel resisting the pressure of time, efficiency and superficiality you came to the right place.


Allegedly the decisive forces of a successful life and career are statistics instead of people, role plays instead of authenticity, power games instead of cooperation, extraversion instead of introversion and speed instead of depth. 


At some point you start wondering…”is life absorbing me or can I please absorb life?”


I am convinced that we can create a better life if we adopt an “as-well-as” attitude rather than thinking in terms of “either-or”.


We can slow down as well as moving forward.


I help busy and mindful people to re-think rushing through life and to stand up for less stress and a lifestyle on their own terms.

claudia Brose standing with laptop in hand, black and white picture, vertical, by John McDermott
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