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I am convinced that the powerful skill of Paying Attention will change your life.


Paying Attention is a lifestyle.


Paying Attention encompasses 3 major elements that are vital:

  • Focusing

  • Caring

  • Having Situational Awareness


They are vital because Attention is a way of being alive to the world and Attention gives you back control over your time. Paying Attention is the only thing that guarantees insight.





Focusing by paying attention to what is in front of you - is a powerful skill:


  • If you pay attention you consciously choose and decide for the selected

  • Focusing on the important means being able to say NO to the unimportant

  • You focus, you are concentrated, immersed, absorbed, committed

  • Paying attention means focusing on the essential, leaving out the rest

  • You work, do, make with intention





Caring is giving your attention to your loved ones, yourself and others - it’s a powerful skill:


  • Caring for people at work or for people in daily life

  • Taking time to listen, really paying attention to what they have to say

  • Caring means investing time

  • Paying attention to yourself to build self-awareness regarding your values and vision

  • Caring for your own well-being so you are able to give attention to others, care for them.

  • Giving your attention connects you with others

  • Giving your attention and care shows that the other person is important to you

  • You care, you value and appreciate, you are considerate and thoughtful





Paying Attention is perceiving what is happening around you – it’s a powerful skill:


  • Paying attention to your surrounding means you are alert, observant, awake, perceptive

  • You are paying attention to the bigger picture and are able to connect the dots

  • Noticing what others don’t see, observe, realize, overlook or miss

  • Perceiving and picking up on subtle clues and details that help, are vital, useful

  • Being aware of what is around you, makes you curious and fascinated about input, new things, important information, different perspectives

  • Interconnectedness

  • Paying attention to what happens around you, training your situational awareness, can save your life

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