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You already have an amazing power inside you,

the capability to Pay Attention.

Paying Attention is an enormous power the working world needs to use to be successful in the future. It is a great ability that exists within us, but too often we are not leveraging it.

Paying Attention encompasses 3 major types of capabilities – the ability to be focused while cutting out the noise, further the willingness to care for ourselves, to pay attention for your loved ones and the people you work with and last, being attentive to the world around you.


How we experience the world depends crucially on the way

in which we deal with our ability to pay attention.


Hi, I am Claudia! I encourage people to live and work with more attention to create meaningful lives and organizations. I believe the ability to Pay Attention is a key element to fulfillment and success, in both our personal and professional lives.

Through writing, speaking and events I want to advance a new vision of company culture and work life that is driven by Paying Attention.

A common thread in what I have been doing is connecting people to what is important in life (culture, heritage, life visions) as well as bringing together the worlds of art&culture and business&marketing.


My international experience in both business and Asian cultures & philosophy has led me to my current work in inspiring our working world to care.   


Drawing upon my MBA, international marketing management work in Germany, two years working in Tokyo and fourteen years in San Francisco, California, I am now committed to bringing together the worlds of conscious attention and business.


In addition, I am running a business creating memorable events for photography enthusiasts and have built a growing community of regular, inspired participants. I connect passionate photographer participants with top professional photographers who lead with their hearts.

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