Create a life and career that fits your lifestyle and values

I believe it is possible for you to be both powerful and kind.


I believe the quality of your attention determines the quality of your life.


I believe you can learn to hold opposites, to work together and not against.


What do you believe?


Our work-life takes up a third of our life, shouldn't it be a meaningful and joyful part of our life?


By paying attention, bringing authenticity, appreciation, perception, and focus to your work and your life, you can create a balance between yourself, others, and your surroundings. In this way, you become both more authentic and more successful.


Through writing, speaking and events I encourage those of us who build their business, rethink their work, and reimagine their work-life-style to work with conscious attention to create meaningful lives for themselves and their organizations.


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Hey! I am Claudia Brose.


Basically, I’m a series of opposites.


I've always been the quiet type but with adventurous ideas in my head.


I think in pictures but express myself in words.


I notice details but explain the bigger picture.


I look at life with an “as-well-as” attitude rather than “either-or”.


I stand by being kind and strong, analytical and artistic, quiet and full of energy.


I love to think, write, and research. Create events and initiate projects. All of this with a focus on the question “how do we want to combine work and life in the future?”


I am also an undeniable optimist, crazy about everything Japanese, obsessed with the outdoors and a world traveler.


Since my studies in business administration and later when working in marketing, small business management and nonprofit leadership in Germany and the USA, the world tried to convince me that polar opposites are limiting, and that career people thrive to be “either this or that”. I refuse to accept that you cannot be both caring as well as being tough.


Allegedly the decisive forces of a successful life and career are statistics instead of people, role plays instead of authenticity, power games instead of cooperation, extraversion instead of introversion and speed instead of depth.  


I always resisted this attitude.


I started long time ago to dig into unconventional corporate cultures and holistic approaches to learn how to combine life and work more harmoniously.


Now I inspire others to do the same.


What is my version of a fulfilled work-life combination? When I am in control of my time and space and when I have purpose and impact with my work.

All roads lead to Rome. Or to yourself.

My journey…


My path led me from Cologne to Tokyo, via San Francisco to the northern Italian Dolomites.


Opposites, it turns out, make for an enriched and holistic approach to life and work.


Living for two years in Japan I experienced how dedication and focus on your task or profession makes you a master. Fascinated by Japanese martial arts, I have trained various styles all my life and learned to appreciate the harmony of apparent opposites. Being aware of yourself while at the same time perceiving your surroundings allows you to be ahead of the game.


The world seemed to be wired differently in California. With all my love, admiration and gratitude I have for San Francisco, my fourteen years living in the city by the bay left me often wondering about people's perception of themselves and their working life.


The extrovert is successful, the introvert is belittled. Being loud in meetings and marketing trumps quietness and prudence. Everyone has a shrink, but nobody knows themselves. Better to rush than wait, rather steep successes than deep relationships. That's the vibe in San Francisco.


It became apparent to me: The important thing is to learn to appreciate differences and to combine the best of different worlds. This applies both to the design of our daily life and to corporate cultures.


Today I live with my Irish-American, Italian speaking husband John between a German speaking state of Northern Italy and Cologne, Germany. We spend our days trilingual, writing, researching, photographing, project and event planning. We love traveling and visiting regularly our friends who are scattered all over the world.