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Claudia on The Collective Wisdom Podcast by Cat Preston talking about the power of paying attention.


Cat Preston: “Claudia Brose, has spent the last few years delving into the idea that where our attention goes, energy flows. So, we should all be paying careful attention to who and what we choose to gift with our attention. This is such an important conversation given the advent of social media and all the distraction it provides, distracting us perhaps sometimes from the stuff that is actually way more important. At the end of our conversation, she talks about the power of being out in nature, and paying real attention to what we can hear. And I think that's where she gets her sense of groundedness. It's a powerful reminder of how getting back into nature can help us reconnect with ourselves.”


Claudia on the Sparkenation Conversation Program by Ian Berry talking about The 3 Pillars of Attention and the important skill for life and work of Giving Attention.

It was an honor to be on Ian Berry’s Sparkenation Conversation Program, a Sparkenation is a spark that ignites passion that leads to action that changes what's normal.


Ian’s work is all about Heart Leadership and helps purpose-driven business owners and leaders, executives in corporations, and professional service providers to see, unearth, magnify and enhance their essence.  We talk about my work on Attention and how I see Giving Attention as an essential skill for the future and what Attention means for your life and work.





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