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Enough. Give your Work and Life the Attention they Deserve

Claudia | Margreid South Tyrol | Photo © John Mcdermott

Can we make life less about work and rather make work part of our lifestyle?

Why do we tend to pay a lot of attention to work as opposed to our private life and needs? At the same time, we complain about not having enough time for the life we want to live.

How much attention do you pay to your work and career and how much to the other aspects of life? Work seems very often to overshadow everything else but not only because our work life occupies a third of our day.

I believe work should be a joyful part of our life, giving us a sense of fulfillment at the end of the day.

What if we start looking at the lifestyle we want and then create our work-life accordingly instead of the other way around?

The interconnectedness of different life areas

Several major areas of life need our attention when it comes to living in a fulfilling and satisfying way.

Health and Body, Work and Career, Family and Social Life, Personal Development, Life Vision, and Quality of Life.

Life is about evaluating and balancing each part of your life and becoming aware of the fact that all areas are interconnected and contribute to your overall well-being, personally and professionally. If I get enough sleep, exercise, and time in nature, I am energized, motivated and productive at work. If I am fulfilled at work, I carry my good mood and satisfaction into my private life and am a better spouse, friend, and citizen.

How about you?

What are your values and visions?

Your values should determine your daily life and how you look at and execute your work. Are you changing your authentic self between working and living? I am happily the same person in private as I am in the working world.

Self-awareness is key. Understanding your purpose, principles and values are the first steps that serve to guide you when deciding who or what you want to spend your time on amid the overwhelming demands and distractions of daily life.

Can you tell if you are your authentic self in your daily life and work?

The working world is changing

The world of work, business, and lifestyle is changing. As part of an online global community of professionals and entrepreneurs, we were discussing if there is a different and better way of doing things in the working-and-living world. And, above all, we were asking about what is enough in terms of time, money, happiness, success, friendships, etc.

As a result, we put together our collective answers, wisdom, and ideas and CREATED A BOOK.

We wanted to collect thought-provoking advice, guidance, and inspiration derived from the diverse experiences and lessons of our global members.

And here it is. Our book:

The book is a collection of stories, lessons, and achievements to inspire, encourage and open up your mind to the abundance of possibilities how you can transform your work and life.

The eBook (kindle) version will be available in a few days and the printed version in a few weeks.

Give your Work and Life the Attention they Deserve

My chapter is about how the quality of your attention determines the quality of your work and life.

How we experience the world depends crucially on how we deal with our attention. Today's scarcest resource and the secret to high performance and fulfillment is attention. It is an important asset that we too easily waste instead of treasuring.

Enough - Is there a limit to how much attention we can give?

Your potential to give attention is limited. We can only pay so much attention to several things or tasks or voices or stimulations in a certain time frame. But it is up to us to decide what we pay attention to or if we let our boss, our work demands, or media and marketing platforms take over and steal your attention from us.

What is your vision of combining your personal life and work life, so you are happy at the end of the day?

You can find out more in our book “Enough. Unlock a life of abundance starting right where you areavailable in a few days.

Have a peek view here on the book website we created:


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